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Why Investment Castings ?

By investment casting process, you can produce complicated shapes or near net shape that would be difficult or impossible to make by another manufacturing process by eliminating or substantially reducing the need for expensive machining or secondary operations.

Industries Served

Sanjivani & Sandori Casting manufactures Lost Wax Investment Castings for a wide range of industries such as Industrial Valves, Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Power Plant, Pump, Marine and many more.

Engineering Excellence

The effective design of Investment Castings requires a specialized expertise. To provide our customers with that expertise Casting has established a Concurrent Engineering Service. .

Welcome To Sanjivani Casting

With pleasure we introduce ourselves at Sanjivani Casting Pvt. Ltd. Sandori Castings Pvt. Ltd. and Helios Syscom Pvt. Ltd., are powered by a young and dynamic team led by the most respected and experienced personnel in the foundries.

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Our Product Testing Facility

We produces commercial quality level castings, as well as upgraded castings for more stringent applications. We can provide all levels of testing and inspection to verify quality and certify our investment castings to meet your strict requirements.

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Our Certificate

Industrial Video Showcast

Lets have a virtual tour of the company and we are very much sure that you will be more confident to work with us after the journey

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Advantages of Investment casting

  •  Many Intricate forms with undercuts can be cast.
  •  A very smooth surface is obtained with no parting line.
  •  Dimensional accuracy is good.
  •  Certain unmachinable parts can be cast to preplanned shape.
  •  It may be used to replace die-casting where short runs are involved.